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Singer-Songwriter Dani Stacy delivers a soulful take on modern Pop. Influenced by storytellers such as Brandi Carlile, Tori Kelly, and Chris Stapleton, along with her teen obsession with early 2000’s music, her subtle rasp and catchy melodies bridge on vulnerability and power. Her songs tell stories of falling in love, falling out of love, and growing up in classic storytelling fashion fused with R&B-inspired melodies. Living in Southern California for several years, she spent her time writing top lines, singing vocals for trailer music, and performing shows, all while working on her own projects, earning the title “Best Female Artist” in Ventura County.  Her debut EP,  "They Always Come Back” came out earlier this year showcasing her unique tone accompanied by acoustic guitar, live drums, and cello. She is currently working on her new project to be released next year.


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Photo by Brennen McMurray

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Dani Stacy Image

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Photo by Fawn Grant

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